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Through our global network of associates, our operations have no bounds.

We work with a wide range of sectors and enterprises to safeguard their intellectual property rights at Zth Planet. We preserve intellectual property while giving our clients the best possible competitive edge. We offer full intellectual property rights protection services, spanning from trademark registration to patent and design registration.

Many of the services we offer have the "first-mover advantage," helping our clients stay ahead of the competition. At Zth Planet, we are actively involved in all aspects of Intellectual Property, and with our emphasis on research and training.

Why Us?

We provide a wide range of IP services, allowing businesses to view us as a one-stop shop for all their IP needs.

Zth Planet provides full-time commercial and corporate legal services, as well as dispute resolution. We at Zth Planet believe in the ideals of reliability, morality, consistency, and accountability since we are focused on creating long-term and solid relationships with our clients.

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We work hard to establish and connect your brand with the right people.

We are a web development and internet marketing firm with extensive experience. It was created with the intention of serving both small and large scale businesses.

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